Protein Synthesis- the most exciting journey in the world!!

this is Rachael, Andy and Bens work on protein synthesis for mr rothery.    It is quite brilliant



The mRNA consists of four bases, adenine, cytosine, guanine and uracil. A ribosome attaches to the mRNA at a start codon. The ribosome encloses two codons.


The tRNA diffuses to the ribosome and attaches to the mRNA start codon by complementary base pairing.


The next amino acid carrying tRNA attaches to the adjacent mRNA codon.


The bond between the amino acids and the tRNA is cut and a peptide bond is formed between the amino acids.





The ribosome moves along one codon so that a new amino acid carrying tRNA can attach. The free tRNA molecule leaves to collect another amino acid. After this the cycle repeats from stage three.