This is a self test - all these questions are things you really should know before you sit module three. What I reckon is that you should do is this. Have a go at all the questions - then check your answers - then try it again at a later date - keep going until you get all these questions right.

1. From what structure in the heart does the heartbeat originate? SAN (pacemaker)
2. Where in the heart are electrical impulses delayed. AVN
3. What type of valves are found between the ventricles and the major arteries leaving the heart? semi-lunar
4. What type of blood vessel has thin walls and large lumens? veins
5. In what form is carbon dioxide transported in the blood? hydrogen carbonate ions
6. Which ions are responsible for charge balancing in the carriage of carbon dioxide? chloride ions
7. Why would smoking a cigarette immediately before running an 800m race impair performance? (3)
  • carbon monoxide
  • binds to haemoglobin
  • and reduces oxygen carrying capacity
8. Give a difference in constitution between tissue fluid and plasma tissue fluid does not contain plasma proteins
9. How is lactic acid removed from the blood? (3)
  • it is oxidised
  • in the liver
  • to carbon dioxide and water
10. Why does anaerobic exercise lead to fatigue? (3)
  • it increases blood lactate
  • which decreases blood pH
  • which inhibits muscle contraction
11. Describe the sequence of events where somebody stops breathing in and starts to breathe out (6)
  • stretch receptors send
  • impulses to the expiratory centre in the medulla
  • which inhibits the inspiratory centre in the medulla
  • so impulses to the diaphragm and intercostal muscles cease
  • these muscles relax
  • elastic recoil of lung tissue causes exhalation
12. To which side is the ODC for foetal haemoglobin shifted? left
13. To which side is the ODC haemoglobin shifted when the temperature is increased? right
14. To which side is the ODC for a llamas haemoglobin shifted? (llamas live at high altitude) left
15. To which side is the ODC for haemoglobin shifted when the concentration of carbon dioxide is increased? right
16. Which tissues transport organic substances in plants? phloem
17. What is the main plant translocate? (the main form in which carbohydrates are transported round plants) sucrose
Tip If your answering online clicking a link will wipe out your answers so print them off or right click the link and open in new window (sorry if it's teaching you to suck eggs)

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