If you're just nosy and not in my classes doing these homeworks will improve your understanding of module 1. Your welcome to visit again. If you are in my classes then ignore that and read this. You're fourth web Biology homework is to complete the following questions and tasks on A4 paper and hand them in to me. D and F block groups the deadline for the completed tasks is Monday 12th November.

Note the notes on exchange should be very helpful
  1. Write a definition of respiration?
  2. Write the main features of any gas exchange surface
  3. Write a definition for ventilation
  4. Explain why plants do not need a mechanism of ventilation and why fish and humans do.
  5. Draw a leaf cross section, labeling the features which aid gas exchange.
  6. What are filaments and lamellae?
  7. What is the countercurrent system which operates in fish gills?
  8. Draw a flow chart to summarise the ventilation in bony fish.
  9. Describe how human inspiration is brought about.




















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