If your just nosy and not in my classes doing these homeworks will improve your understanding of module 1. Your welcome to visit again. If you are in my classes then ignore that and read this. Your first Biology homework is to complete the following questions on A4 paper and hand them in to me. D block biologists you have to hand your answers in on Wednesday. F block biologists you have until Thursday to ensure you have time to access the internet.


1. Draw a table summarizing the elements that make up carbohydrates, lipids and proteins
2. How many carbon atoms are present in one molecule of glucose
3. Complete a summary table for carbohydrates using the format below 
Type Monosaccharide Disaccharide Polysaccharide
4. Describe in your own words how a glycosidic bond forms.
5. Explain why lipids are called lipids.
6. What are the main type of biochemical bonds that hold together carbohydrates lipids and proteins



















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