Reference No:010

Module: BYB1

Year: 1


Experiment: food tests A KNOWN B UNKNOWN C Food

Please state if you want to use water baths (80 o) or bunsen burners and which of ABC you want

A known B Unknown C Food

        Starch to make see below Glucose + egg albumin cereals

        Glucose Starch + glucose, bread

        Egg Albumin starch + egg albumin fruit, apples, bannanas.

Sucrose Sucrose + starch Mortars and pestles


Items needed

        Distilled Water

        5% KOH

        Iodine solution

        Benedicts solution


        Copper Sulphate solution

        Dilute HCL

        Sodium Hydrogen carbonate powder

        Litmus paper.

Hardware Required:

Boiling tubes + holder

Lighters + spills


Notes to make samples (add about 2 table spoonfuls to 1 litre)

starch slake with water then add boiling water

Glucose and Sucrose dissolve in boiling water then make up to amount with cold water

Albumin Do not use hot water or boiling water only cold water

Oil straight from bottle